From the Giant to the Tiny: Explorations Across Scales

In high school, I was an amateur astronomer operating telescopes to observe the vast universe we are curious about. Now I am a young materials scientist operating electron microscopes to reveal the tiny world we are eager to know.

Exploring the nanoscale is not only for fulfilling our curiosity, but it provides a fantastic treasure to the advancement of technology and gradually promotes the way people live. It is interesting, and it is useful. I am only on a humble expedition towards a gorgeous grace to humankind. Hopefully, we are reaching this grace in a way only with kindness.

March 2022

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory News: Du Named to Early Career Editorial Advisory Board

September 2021

International Institute for Nanotechnology News: Jingshan Du receives award for excellence in materials and metallurgical engineering

May 2020 Du awarded SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
International Institute for Nanotechnology News: Scholarship awarded for study of nanoparticle structures and dynamics

May 2018

NanoScientific Magazine (Vol 13, pp. 23-24) and the Park AFM website

April 2015

Cover story on Zhejiang University website: Asking Myself at the Finish Line of College