From the Giant to the Tiny: Explorations Across the Length Scale

In high school, I was an amateur astronomer operating telescopes to observe the vast universe. Now, I am a materials scientist operating electron microscopes to reveal the tiny world. Exploring the nanoscale not only fulfills our curiosity but, more importantly, materializes new technologies that are gradually changing everyone’s lifestyle. We are on an unprecedented expedition to the science and technology of the future, and hopefully, we are reaching such a future with kindness but not hate.

March 2022

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory News: Du Named to Early Career Editorial Advisory Board

September 2021

International Institute for Nanotechnology News: Jingshan Du receives award for excellence in materials and metallurgical engineering

May 2020 Du awarded SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
International Institute for Nanotechnology News: Scholarship awarded for study of nanoparticle structures and dynamics

May 2018

NanoScientific Magazine (Vol 13, pp. 23-24) and the Park AFM website

April 2015

Cover story on Zhejiang University website: Asking Myself at the Finish Line of College